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ryan doerr

Ryan Doerr
Certified Coach, Master Facilitator

Ryan Doerr brings 26 years in the Hospitality Business, 23 years in Management, 18 years in the Club industry. His Club industry experience in operations, management and consulting includes: city, country, public, private, Member owned, corporate owned, private equity owned, private owner, management companies and combinations of the above.

Leveraging his experience, Ryan founded his successful Club and business consulting company called Fokus Forward Consulting in 2005 in response to the needs of his many colleagues and clients. His success lies with a proven strategic planning process, improving culture, developing talent, growing revenues, membership enrollment, retention and engagement, event sales, F&B operations and most importantly, sustainable growth and profitability.

Ryan launched Strategic Club Solutions which is a Club centric consulting company specializing in the needs and demands small to medium size companies have in that industry. 

Club Masterminds is one of our flagship programs to grow and develop leaders and make a difference in the Club, Hospitality and Small Business industries. Ryan has maintained his CMAA Membership and Strategic Club Solutions and Club Masterminds are proud local and national supporters of the Club Managers Association of America, National Golf Club Owners Association, member of multiple local chambers and small business associations.

A major component of a successful Mastermind Group is the skill and knowledge of the Master Facilitator.

I launched Club Masterminds because my clients and colleagues were looking for more than just education, mentoring or coaching. They needed higher level engagement and strategies to help develop themselves and their team. This platform combines the best of all— allowing more people to get the resources, brainstorming and support they need at a very affordable investment.

Fokus Forward Consulting logo in black and maroon as Ryan Doerr's consulting company
Blue and Green Strategic Club Solutions logo with tagline of Customizing your road map to success - a consulting company for private club, country club, member-owned club, city clubs helping individuals and business increase revenue and be more successful.
Laura Leszczynski marketer artist Club Masterminds and Strategic Club Solutions

Laura Leszczynski
VP of Marketing

Laura Leszczynski is a marketing ace with a special affinity for helping companies create their own unique brand identity. During her over 25-year career, she has nailed the secret to using nueromarketing best practices to help small-medium businesses catapult their market share far beyond initial projection. Serving a wide range of industries and clients, Laura soon realized she had developed a special expertise working with small business owners. In addition to owning her own marketing agency, Boost Creative Group, she possesses an impressively diverse resume of experiences and expertise, including: co-founding a 400-athlete youth volleyball club, working on an IPO for the garbage industry, and serving and managing in the restaurant industry. Laura has years of experience working with clients from the point of start-up to celebrating their 10-year anniversaries. She’ll even bake a delicious cake for the celebration.

Successful Mastermind Groups work together and share information, marketing to internal and external stakeholders.

I was asked to join Club Masterminds to bring value to internal and external stakeholders. I’ve used this tool in the past and it is powerful. Once people understand the mastermind value, there are no limits to growth both personally and professionally.

Mary Buenz Club Masterminds expert with food and beverage event planning for Club Masterminds, Strategic Club Solutions and Fokus Forward Consulting

Mary Buenz, MS Ed, CMP
VP of Member Experience

Mary Buenz oversees the Member Experience for Club Masterminds. Her goal is to ensure an exceptional experience for Members navigating and utilizing the Mastermind process. Prior to joining the team, Mary spent over 25 years in the Meetings and Events industry specializing in Association Management and large scale Event Production. She is a Certified Meeting ProfessionalShe gained Club industry experience as Banquet Operations Director for a suburban private club outside Milwaukee with a vibrant wedding and private event business. Fiercely passionate about business ethics and organizational business strategy, Mary enjoys researching emerging technologies and operations enhancements.

A key to a successful Club Masterminds Group is collective industry experience.

When approached to be a part of this team, I didn’t hesitate. I wish I would’ve had this resource. I know how valuable a Club Masterminds group is, especially in the events arena.

Club Masterminds focuses on where to go and gives you all the tools to get there.


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