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Club Masterminds is the first Mastermind Group exclusively for Hospitality Industry Professionals.

Masterminding with owners, managers and other professionals within the Hospitality industry. Members of Club Masterminds groups include event planners, restaurant employees, hotel and resort personnel, and other hospitality staff. You will Mastermind with professionals who are best suited to understand your unique challenges and successes.

What keeps Hospitality industry professionals up at night?

  • How to reduce operational expenses
  • Dealing with the shortage of skilled and motivated labor
  • Navigating technological changes; working with Social Media
  • Retaining quality employees in a competitive market
  • Maintaining business during off-season periods
  • Market saturation
  • Changes and demands within human resources

When you’re a part of a Club Masterminds group these issues and many others get tackled in a way that delivers new perspective and accountability in a confidential environment.

Answers. Ideas. Accountability. Support.

A Club Masterminds group member comes in with a problem and leaves with a solution. Then, your group holds you accountable to implement the solution, keeping track of your progress, until your problem is fixed.

Read on to get a sneak peak of MASTERMINDING at work…

Here’s a sticky dilemma that was brought up during a Club Masterminds Hot Seat by the General Manager of a 5-star resort. We’ll call her Linda.service chargefinal

Quick overview: Hotel bartender attaches an extra 20% “service charge” to the bar tabs of unknowing guests. 

More details: Nick, a long time head bartender, is in charge and managing a designated bar that serves an exclusive group for an annual 3-day weekend event.

All bar charges are applied to guest room accounts. Optional gratuities are added at the guest’s discretion. This is a heavy-drinking group— Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas in the morning through nightcaps of scotch on the rocks.

Procedure at the resort is for the head bartender to close-out all checks, not only the ones he personally rings, but for all cocktail servers and other bartenders.

 Here’s where the problem surfaces:

A few guests question their bills being higher than expected. Upon review, they notice a 20% service charge tacked onto the bar beverage charges. The front desk attendant and front desk manager promise to look into the charge. The resort’s Events Director and Sales Director are consulted and neither have an explanation.

To keep happy guests, the charges are removed for the few who complained. However, this activity raises a flag and Linda gets a frantic call.

Now this is Linda’s problem. Upon investigation, she learns the head bartender has been manually adding an extra 20% to all of their bar tabs for the entire weekend. Since Nick worked the entire weekend, it was clear the majority of this “extra” money was ending up in his pocket.

Linda confronts Nick. He explains that they have always added a service charge onto the bar bill for this client and it was what he was taught to do by his predecessor. With prodding, he admits that he was told the group has a reputation as very low tippers so this was to “make up for that.

Linda is shocked and at a loss as to how to proceed. Before she contacts her boss, she looks to her Club Masterminds group for help.

The group works through ideas considering all angles, past experiences, pros and cons, ramifications, etc. Ideas range from refunding the group for every additional charge for that weekend, for past weekends, to those only who complained. They discuss whether Nick should be terminated immediately. The battle through the reality that while this seems logical, some group members point out that Nick was trained and taught to do this.  

With the group’s support, Linda decides to take these steps immediately:

  1. Gets the facts. She works with the controller to find out how much is at stake. How long it’s been going on and if it affects other guests.
  2. She gets counsel from the legal department to understand the extent of resort’s liability.
  3. She talks to HR to understand how employee theft is addressed in the employee manual. As the policy is vague, she decides to transfer Nick to a position with no financial authority.

But the advantage of a Mastermind group is that they also give Linda advice to prevent her from finding herself in a similar situation down the road:

Her Club Masterminds group suggests the following:

  1. The group offers up their employee manual policies to present Linda with a more inclusive and legally tight policy without interpretation.
  2. The group gives Linda contact information for a HR training firm who will come in and re-train her employees.

This is where being a part of a Club Masterminds group goes so far beyond the typical roundtable or online forum.

Linda is held accountable by her group. This means they follow-up with her to see what specific steps she has taken. They vet any further questions and tackle new developments. They do whatever it takes. Why? Because the group is tight and has each other’s best interests in mind, caring enough to make sure Linda succeeds. PLUS, each group member now has new insight should something like this happen to them.

Linda sleeps much better at night because she’s no longer second-guessing her decisions and feels confident her choices were made with the collective intelligence and experience of her group behind her.

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